Information required for
Notice of Intended Marriage
This form enables me to pre-fill your Notice of Intended Marriage so that, in our initial meeting, you only need to check the information and then sign. Information provided here is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will be used SOLELY for the purpose of filling out your NOIM.

Note: For brides and grooms, bridegroom is usually Person 1 and bride is usually Person 2.

Details of Person 1/First Party (usually the groom)

Details of Person 2/Second Party (usually the bride)

Documentation required to be sighted by Authorized Marriage Celebrant for NOIM lodgement:
Each party must present a) proof of birth, and b) photo ID, as shown in the options below.
Documents presented to the Marriage Celebrant MUST be ORIGINALS, not copies.
Where one or both of the parties are overseas, it is recommended that the relevant documentation is scanned and emailed to the Marriage Celebrant to ensure it is correct, does not require translation, etc. The original document(s) must still be brought to the Authorized Marriage Celebrant to be sighted before the marriage ceremony can be solemnized.
All ID information is treated with complete confidentiality and used solely for the requirements under paragraph 42(8)(a) of the Marriage Act 1961.

Documentation of Person 1/first party

Documentation of Person 2/second party

The following section is ONLY APPLICABLE if either party has previously been married.

Person 1/First party:

Person 2/Second party:

Required anti-spam question:

If the NOIM checklist form is ready to send:


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