The  Ceremony  -  where  and  when?

“A marriage can be solemnised on any day, at any time and at any place.” — Section 23 of the Marriage Act 1961.

What fantastic freedom this gives couples planning to marry!

You may fancy a dawn wedding as the sun rises like a clarion while you’re floating in a hot-air balloon, or the gorgeous romanticism of a sunset wedding on the beach, or perhaps early morning in a forest clearing near a waterfall. You might want to hire a lavish reception venue and have the wedding in a lovely intimate chapel at 10 o’clock in the morning. Perhaps you want a mediæval-style wedding at midday during summer solstice. Or hold your wedding ceremony at the velvet hour of midnight amidst the quietly flickering flames of unity candles.

If the wedding to be close at hand in your own home, or if you need to hold the wedding ceremony in hospital, that too can be done.

You have complete freedom. Wherever and whenever you want to hold your wedding, in order to satisfy your wishes and needs, that’s where and when your wedding can be.

If I’m available for the time and place of your ceremony, I will be happy to take part as your celebrant. (In urgent situations, I may be able to move previous appointments to help.)

You have more options when booking with me

  • One of the benefits of having me as your celebrant is the ease with which you can change the date of your intended wedding. (There is no fee involved in changing the date or time, unlike weddings at the Registry.)
  • You also have more scope with time and date. Unlike the Registry, I am able to solemnize your marriage after hours, and there is no increased fee for special days of the week (such as weekends or public holidays).
  • Need to book in a hurry? I will always try to accommodate you with your preferred date, even if time is running short. If you’ve left it a bit late to make your booking and want your wedding in one month’s time, you will find it much easier to obtain that date by booking directly with me rather than with the Registry. In addition, I offer same-day 24-hour emergency NOIM lodgement if you need to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage urgently to meet the lodgement deadline.
  • If you have a venue in mind that’s somewhat far away to reach by driving, I am usually able to accommodate that. (Sometimes travel costs apply, but in many cases these may be reduced or waived, depending upon a variety of factors.)
  • I’m located in Melbourne, and of course the majority of weddings I solemnize are in Melbourne and surrounding areas in Victoria. However, I am also available for interstate weddings; don’t hesitate to ask about booking me for your wedding anywhere in Australia. (Travel costs apply.)

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Ingrid Heyn, wedding celebrant