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“A marriage celebrant must recognise the social, cultural and legal significance of marriage and the marriage ceremony in the Australian community, and the importance of strong and respectful family relationships [...] A marriage celebrant must maintain an up-to-date knowledge about appropriate family relationships services in the community; and inform the parties to the marriage about the range of information and services available to them to enhance, and sustain them throughout, their relationship.” — Schedule 2, Code of Practice for marriage celebrants – Marriage Regulations 2017.

Most of us are aware of the divorce statistics. “Analysis of the most recent available data shows that the expectation of divorce is increasing. If a newly-born group of babies was exposed to 1997-1999 rates of marriage, widowhood, divorce, remarriage and mortality, 32% of their marriages would end in divorce. This is an increase on the proportion expected if 1990-1992 rates were applied (29%) and if 1985-1987 rates were applied (28%).” — Australian Bureau of Statistics

But relationship education (pre-marital courses, marriage education, guidance and counselling) is helping to increase the chances of a successful and lasting marriage. The results are noticeable - a 30% better chance of having your marriage be one of the success stories.

During your initial meeting with me, I will give you a copy of the official Form 14A, which provides you with some important information on the value of marriage education and marriage counselling. You can also read this online.

From 🔗 Family Relationships Online (An Australian Government Initiative):

Information you might find useful

  • 10 ways to become a better partner - 10 steps you can take to maximise your relationships so that you feel valued, loved and nurtured, and to minimise becoming a relationship casualty.
  • Managing conflict - Although conflict is a normal part of our relationships and is perfectly healthy if handled well, it sometimes escalates and becomes destructive. This factsheet offers tips and ideas for managing conflict well.
  • Getting married - Information for couples intending to marry. This includes information about finding the right marriage celebrant, participating in a marriage ceremony, and getting married overseas.
  • Family Relationships Online: Resources and publications - There is a wide range of services available to help families to build better relationships or to help deal with separation.
  • Partners: A guide to successful relationships (downloadable PDF by Relationships Australia)

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  • For your interest, I have listed a few resources below of various recommended premarital education and marriage counselling services:




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