About  Ingrid  Heyn

I am a Registered Marriage Celebrant/Authorized Marriage Celebrant – duly appointed by the Registrar of Marriages to conduct civil marriages in Australia. I was qualified and appointed in 2009, and have the great pleasure of performing many marriages of every sort since then. I’ve solemnized marriages in Persian, Serbian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, and more.

It’s a privilege for me to be part of your wedding ceremony. I greatly enjoy designing ceremonies and events around your wishes, to create the most beautiful and memorable occasion, something that is even better than you’d hoped for, or conversely to perform your marriage with a moving simplicity if that’s what you prefer.

Further Qualifications: I studied a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Music with Honours, took Classical Studies (including Ancient/Classical Greek) and Linguistics, and am an opera singer, a composer, award-winning poet, writer, and web designer. I studied with Jacques Pottier from the French National Opera, and as part of my operatic training I studied voice in acting. I have performed roles in radio plays and recorded poetry narrations.

The training and skills above are there only to enhance your wedding and make it a beautifully conducted ceremony. These are the specific and extra skills and services I offer that might enrich your ceremony:

  • With my experience in public speaking, you can rest assured the ceremony will be conducted effortlessly as well as designed beautifully. My speaking voice is clear and well projected; it’s my pleasure to use my speaking skills to conduct the ceremony smoothly and with ease and skill. (I can also pass on some good tips for reading aloud if you have chosen friends or family as your readers.)
  • I am happy to solemnise a marriage for couples speaking little or no English. An accredited interpret may be part of the ceremony if necessary, and if a translator is needed for the meetings with me, there are accredited translators available. Additionally, I speak a number of different languages and have familiarity with others, and will be happy to read greetings or poems or vows for the ceremony in a foreign language.
    • English
    • German
    • Dutch
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Latin
    • some Chinese (Mandarin)
    • some Russian
    • Ancient Greek
    • Old English
    • Middle English
    • Serbian (learned for a particular wedding)
    • Persian (learned for a particular wedding)
    • Japanese (learned for a particular wedding)
  • My knowledge of literature and poetry allows me to offer you unparalleled information about readings from scripture, poetry or prose. The Resource book I give to my clients is a rich, diverse and informative source for readings. If you have other readings in mind but can only recall a fragment from it, ask me to research it – chances are that I will be able to locate the quotation you are thinking of.
  • My extensive knowledge of classical music offers you a wide variety of musical ideas from the well-known to the more esoteric – or if you know what music you want, I can incorporate this into your ceremony in whatever way you wish. Choose from a mingling of classical and modern music selections, or use just modern or just classical – I will be happy to create a compilation for use in the ceremony. I can also offer recommendations if you prefer to have live music at your ceremony – a string orchestra, singers, lute, modern band, and so on. You also have the option of asking me to chant your ceremony, or to sing at the beginning or end of your ceremony.
  • With my experience as director of operas and other theatrical events, I’m familiar with the pitfalls of public occasions – and it’s my task to anticipate potential problems and find solutions for them. I very, very highly recommend a rehearsal (this is INCLUDED at no extra cost in the fee) to ensure everything will go well on the day.
  • As a researcher for non-fiction, I have access to a great deal of information – and this is very useful when it comes to incorporating elements from various cultures and traditions. Together with my experience in design, this ensures that the ceremony will truly reflect the things that are important to you – and will do so seamlessly and beautifully.
  • My wordcraft is at your service, to give you a ceremony that not only says what you want to say, but says it in the most memorable and exquisite way. You can avoid a “copycat” ceremony, a ceremony that is mundane, a ceremony that seems to be okay but not special. I want to ensure that your ceremony will be an utterly wonderful memory for you, so I will work as closely with you as necessary to make certain you are happy with the final result.
  • Wherever your ceremony is to be held, I can be there. I have a state-of-the-art P.A. system which requires no power source, so there will be no problem about the ceremony being audible. This P.A. includes CD player, my earset and an additional wireless microphone for the bride and groom.





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